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02/20 20:14 <WB2YDS> k2rh - a nogo i guess . try 144.178 and let see what happens there
02/20 20:13 <K0AY> Hey! just been called by DL5GAC
02/20 20:12 <M0WID> K0AY just decoded at 1300 - replying
02/20 20:12 <K0AY> I just finished CQing
02/20 20:11 <WB2YDS> k2rh - rr jt9-1
02/20 20:10 <W6NT> M0WID, this is K0AY's first time so he may not have it down just yet
02/20 20:10 <K2RH> WB2YDS OK I am there listening on JT9?
02/20 20:10 <M0WID> About 1090, but stopped now. Just decoded WN2T at 1180
02/20 20:09 <W6NT> M0WID, where is K0AY on the graph, I don't see him
02/20 20:07 <M0WID> k0ay - just decoded your cq and replied - any copy?
02/20 20:03 <W6NT> I ordered 5 dozen, that should get us thru Feb!
02/20 20:03 <WB2YDS> k2rh - ill go to 50278 at 1300hz and tx 2nd
02/20 20:02 <W7YES> How many dunce caps do we have in stock ??
02/20 20:02 <WB2YDS> k2rh - fb want to try 6m first 50.278
02/20 20:00 <K2RH> wb2dys I can 2, 6 I can also do the JT9-1
02/20 20:00 <WB2YDS> FB - just got K0AY here and he is pretty close for this time of day too
02/20 19:59 <W6NT> your msg got lost already, needs to come up every 5 min ;-D
02/20 19:58 <W6NT> Art, have it figured out? want me to cq? ..2 click my callsign and that sets it in the window
02/20 19:57 <W7YES> rr lol lol
02/20 19:57 <WB2YDS> k2rh - do you have 6m and 2m ?
02/20 19:56 <W6NT> Ha! You noticed..add'em to the list :-)
02/20 19:55 <WB2YDS> k2rh - 28.078 ? JT9-1
02/20 19:55 <W7YES> RRR, I'll second that... JT65-HF does a lot of the work for us, great pgm... Randy's working another +15dB blazing trace
02/20 19:54 <K0AY> What freq. on the graph scale are you xmitting on?
02/20 19:53 <WB2YDS> w7yes - i am spoiled by jt65hf program
02/20 19:52 <W7YES> so easy to forget to send the R-## (confirming report)... it happens
02/20 19:52 <K0AY> I did not get you, but I decoded W5NT and W4lde. One of them is not using JT9
02/20 19:51 <WB2YDS> w7yes - FB got it all ok - I get the sequence thing wrong on this mode alot hihi. more practice needed
02/20 19:50 <W7YES> WB2YDS, sorry I go the message sequence messed up... didn't know if you rcvd report or not, all good now, thx 73
02/20 19:48 <W6NT> I'll send CQ, slide the cursor to my trace, should decode. 2 click my callsign, then work the Tx1, Tx2 etc
02/20 19:46 <W6NT> put the green cursor in the graph on it...sometimes you have to adjust it if the signal drifts
02/20 19:45 <K0AY> I see your signal, but How do I decode it?
02/20 19:44 <W6NT> you have to 2 click my callsign, that sets into the window
02/20 19:42 <K0AY> I've started sending. It's about 1470 on the graph scale.
02/20 19:40 <K0AY> Yes let me move a litle higher.
02/20 19:39 <WB2YDS> K0AY- there was a signal there but did not decode - was that you
02/20 19:37 <W6NT> faked me out, I decoded W4LDE
02/20 19:36 <WB2YDS> - cq now on 14078 at 1250hz
02/20 19:34 <WB2YDS> K0AY - we await you on 14078
02/20 19:34 <W6NT> no ALC and 5 watts or less...
02/20 19:33 <W6NT> 14078...I'll look for you
02/20 19:33 <K0AY> Ok, Now I just have to find some activity for my 1st QSO!
02/20 19:32 <W6NT> you start and stop tx with those two buttons
02/20 19:31 <W6NT> yes..I did the same thing.
02/20 19:30 <K0AY> Ah! that did it many many thanks!!!
02/20 19:28 <W6NT> You need to click the "auto on" button on the program to transmit and then hit the "TX first" if it doesn't transmit. I had that problem when I first started using this program
02/20 19:27 <K0AY> No it is not
02/20 19:25 <W6NT> Art, is the "auto on" when you transmit?
02/20 19:25 <K0AY> I'm using a SinalLink USB. No the transceiver does not go into the xmit mode nor does the program.
02/20 19:23 <W6NT> WB2YDS - Tom, thanks
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