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08/28 09:41 <EA9BO> A colleague to help me ND (North Dakota) to finish the 50 states USA.- Diploma is the last thing I need, Greetings EA9BO North Africa CEUTA Spain
08/28 09:36 <EA9BO> Hello friend Will, good days.- I did already in the day yesterday and was confirmado.- Thanks for todo.- Now it seems that I have pProblemas contact with wa0aa the 10/28/2007 and I have asked the correspondent that I confirm the QSOs that realizamos.-'m awaiting your news, a hug Antonio EA9BO
08/26 22:04 <W0EJ> EA9BO Tnx Antonio and I just uploaded QSO info to eQSL and LoTW
08/26 21:53 <EA9BO> I estioy calling you repeatedly giving you the will QSO is ok ok several times
08/26 21:45 <EA9BO> will tks for this qso muchas graciasl amigo will bye bye
08/26 16:59 <W1PFZ> Looking for W0EJ QRZ
08/25 07:38 <OH7TE> Ardop 7045 now beamed to VK, beacon every 10 min. HL 73 Yussi OH7TE
08/24 22:39 <OH7TE> Nw QZZ but wake up 06 UTC...beacon is active
08/24 22:37 <OH7TE> ARDOP QRV 7045, 2 el beamed to SA NA until 06 UTC. Then to JA and later VK. I'm backround but beacon run every 20 min.GL 73"Yussi!
08/24 21:07 <WA6EEM> where can i tune some FSQ? tnx
08/24 17:28 <W1PFZ> I had you at -06 and me at -14...
08/24 17:28 <W1PFZ> Did I decode?
08/24 17:16 <W1PFZ> am working him to clear then will wait for your incoming..
08/24 17:15 <W1PFZ> He's an R-01... I fi dont see you, I'll answer him and we can try agn tomorrow if that works for you or Friday...
08/24 17:12 <W1PFZ> Do you see me??
08/24 17:12 <W1PFZ> Sure wish I knew how to call direct.. now have a KE8 calling...
08/24 17:10 <W1PFZ> OK calling CQ @ 800hz...
08/24 17:06 <W1PFZ> The VA3 station is -01...
08/24 17:03 <W1PFZ> it's 17700... maybe try tomorrow???
08/24 17:02 <W1PFZ> I have a va3 station also responding... would his sig bump yours? OR should both sigs appear???
08/24 16:58 <W1PFZ> R U seeing my call? I have other stations calling and i'm hanging back...
08/24 16:55 <W1PFZ> ok.. i'll call CQ - back on 20m
08/24 16:52 <W1PFZ> no sigs at all tho...
08/24 16:51 <W1PFZ> OK, monitoring...
08/24 16:51 <W1PFZ> OK qsy to 17m...
08/24 16:49 <W1PFZ> ok let's try that... ur call sign...
08/24 16:48 <W1PFZ> Is that cuz condx are NOT favorable into 7-land for me just now???
08/24 16:45 <W1PFZ> I see you calling agn @ -17, but still did not 'move over'...
08/24 16:44 <W1PFZ> When you call me direct and it populates in the band acty box, shouldnt it move right over to Rx freq box??
08/24 16:42 <W1PFZ> W0EJ,, I need to learn how to call 'direct'...
08/24 16:37 <W1PFZ> how do I answer a 'direct' call??
08/24 16:37 <W1PFZ> I see your call, but it is not moving over [gawd , that sounds uninformed]
08/24 16:35 <W1PFZ> I see your call but it didnt go over to Rx box... I had 2 other stations calling me there... can you call agn
08/24 16:32 <W1PFZ> do you see me calling CQ???
08/24 16:29 <W1PFZ> I dont know how to call direct yet hihi
08/24 16:28 <W1PFZ> i am calling CQ now...
08/24 16:27 <W1PFZ> Looking for you on band activity... W1PFZ
08/24 16:26 <W1PFZ> Hello Bill W0EJ? de W1PFZ
08/23 11:38 <AF4K> *** So... does ANYONE here ever try 60m JT65?? ***
08/23 11:36 <AF4K> CQ CQ 40m JT65 odds
08/22 17:39 <EA9BO> Bill W0EJ I hope to be lucky today and make SD and ND.- hope in 20mts JT9, greetings Antonio ea9bo
08/22 09:38 <EA9BO> Bill W0EJ friend, even as I communicated with any SD, still need your help, yes amigo.- also hope if another partner can help me appreciate it.
08/21 17:22 <WA2NDV> <W0EJ> EA9BO I'd be glad to help with SD Antonio if you still need me. You can email me if necessary for a sched, pse see my QRZ.com page
08/18 10:49 <AF4K> 80m is open nicely again this morning...
08/18 03:18 <AF4K> So I guess nobody is checking here these days!
08/17 17:31 <EA9BO> looking for ND and SD on jt9 14078 tks
08/17 11:42 <AF4K> CQ on 5.357 MHz JT65 de AF4K with 1200 Hz audio / ODDS. Anyone around?
08/16 16:42 <EA9BO> looking for ND and SD on JT65 and jt9 - I'm on 20m even +1606
08/16 08:38 <EA9BO> looking for ND and SD on JT9 - I'm on 20m even +1606
08/15 18:58 <EA9BO> If a partner State SD read me and wants me to help SD am in 14,078 + - -1000 mode JT9.- Thanks in advance Antonio EA9BO CEUTA
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