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12/04 17:26 <NF2NY> anybody around from north dakota that can help with psk for lotw
12/01 23:04 <KC9IL> Need a digital QSO with Vermont. Anyone who can help please contact me at kc9il at arrl dot net.
12/01 18:46 <PY2IQ> Need ND on digital and KY, ND , NM & WY on phone for a triple play (lotw) .... py2iq@outlook.com
12/01 00:14 <NF2NY> test
11/30 10:24 <AF4K> QRV 40m JT65
11/28 15:15 <KX5U> IC I'm not the only one needing ND for WAS on PSK. Also in need of Hawaii.
11/28 13:10 <RV6FT> Hi
11/25 23:52 <K6DWI> GD, looking for CT, ND, NY, VT, WI, JT65 eQSL... 40, 20, 15
11/25 10:36 <AF4K> CQCQCQ - no signals on the CW bands so I am on 3576 JT65 +1200 Evens. QSO anyone?
11/24 18:20 <EA9BO> I'm still looking for ND (North Dakota), for WAS.- I'm now testing on 7,078, JT9 greetings EA9BO
11/24 18:13 <EA9BO> I need for loss of my original, copy of the Instruction leaflet of use of the antenna SPA-300S multibandas.- Thanks in advance, send to my mail ea9bo@infonegocio.com.- Regards Antonio EA9BO CEUTA
11/22 17:12 <WO1X> hi all.... is there anyone able to help out with WV on 10 and 15?
11/20 00:12 <W0NEO> 80m psk31
11/19 23:51 <W0NEO> on 40m PSK
11/17 19:25 <EA9BO> To complete WAS, I need to contact someone from ND (North Dakota) on JT65-JT9 preferably 80, 40, 20, UTC time to tell me.- I hope EA9BO CEUTA North Africa Spain
11/17 19:20 <W0NEO> ?
11/17 06:14 <KF7GMV> Looking for ME on 80m JT65 and JT9 for WAS
11/13 18:33 <NB8F> Need AR, IN, ND for Digital WAS (LoTW). nb8f@nb8f.com or message me on here.
11/12 23:51 <NB8F> Need AR, IN, ND for Digital WAS (LoTW) PSK31/JT65 preferred.
11/11 22:07 <KB3GVC> Delaware anybody?
11/10 21:08 <KD8WCK> QRT for now!
11/10 20:45 <KD8WCK> QSY 40m
11/10 20:29 <KD8WCK> OL 32/1000 14107.5 calling for a while - come on and gab!
11/06 05:01 <WQ1C> Using QRP 4 watts on PSK31 at 3581 kHz.
11/05 22:45 <WQ1C> Now QRP on 30m JT9.
11/05 22:30 <WQ1C> Looking for QSOs while QRP on 30m using JT65.
11/05 18:11 <W4ALF> Need IA and Nj for triple play. If anyone can sked qso, pse PM me- Christian
11/05 14:31 <KB3OMJ> Looking for HI and DE for WAS. Available for any digital mode. Pse email me for sked - email address on QRZ is good...tu.
11/04 06:06 <ZS1CM> QRV 20m SIM31 60W Dipole @ 8m
11/03 13:55 <ZS1CM> QSY 20m 60W JT modes
11/03 13:37 <ZS1CM> 12m open to EU for WS modes...
11/03 13:30 <ZS1CM> QRV 12m JT65 for next hr
11/03 09:06 <ZS1CM> QRT now, on the way to the beach 27 degC !!! CUL
11/03 06:33 <ZS1CM> CQ Auto on 20m 60W Dipole for next 2 hrs..
11/02 23:33 <NB8F> Need AR, IN, ND for Digital WAS...msg me pse k
11/02 22:06 <ZS1CM> ZS1CM 10.142 MHz 60W Dipole....
11/02 19:04 <EA9BO> I'm looking for a kind soul NDS I only need to USA, Greetings EA9BO
11/02 13:44 <ZS1CM> ZS1QRT now, on way to the beach, 28 deg C !!!
11/02 13:31 <ZS1CM> ZS1CM now ob JT65 15m
11/02 13:25 <ZS1CM> all band vy vy quit for our experimental modes at the bottom end of the Africa Continent... tried SIM31 for hrs from 30m to 12 m.... keep hoping
11/01 22:23 <W5CMS> by the looks of pskreporter, just not making it there today
11/01 22:20 <W5CMS> CQ sent
11/01 22:19 <W5CMS> VK2CRI I'm going to point in your direction on JT65
11/01 22:11 <VK2CRI> Which is AG4TK
11/01 22:09 <VK2CRI> Hearing only 1 station here on 20 M
11/01 21:49 <W5CMS> Looking for CT, HI, OK, RI and SD for LotW in any digital mode, 10m-20m... PST or email call@arrl.net
10/30 16:33 <W4ALF> Need IA,NJ for triple play. If u can sked pse pm me. - Christian
10/28 22:06 <XE2OAT> hola como estan
10/27 22:09 <NB8F> Need AR, IN, ND for Digital WAS (LoTW) PSK31/JT65 preferred.
10/27 20:57 <KC5WPJ> Need to change e-mail address from sbcglobal .net. To gmail.com
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