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Skype  andyobrien73

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Twitter  http://twitter.com/k3uk

Facebook:      http://www.facebook.com/andyjobrien

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Understanding Fldigi for Emcomm Use

Complete Bozo's Guide to HF JT65A

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Digital Mode

The Quick and Dirty Guide to CHIP64"

The Quick Guide to WSPR

The Quick Guide to Narrow SSTV
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K3UK ,formerly KB2EOQ, is Andy O'Brien. Andy is a DXer, occasional contester, and is active on all HF bands. You will also see him on most digital modes .

K3UK is originally from the UK, hence the "UK" part of the call, his home town is Windermere, Cumbria, England.

K3UK is also active HF CW and a member of the Straight Key Century Club Hall of Fame, SKCC #1325C and FISTS #13880.

K3UK's web site ( hosts the interactive "sked" pages for Digital Mode spotting, , LOTW Sked page, FISTS sked page ,the SKCC Helper, and WARC Century Club.   Check  http://www.obriensweb.com/sked for the sked pages . 

K3UK Publications

Andy is the author of the "Complete Bozo's Guide to HF JT65A" , "The Quick and Dirty Guide to Digital Modes" , "The Quick and Dirty Guide to CHIP64", "The Quick Guide to WSPR", "The Quick Guide to Narrow SSTV" , the first ever English help file for MMTTY, and  a past contributor to Logger 32 help files.